Past Malmö Tango Maratons

Here you find photos and other information about the earlier tango marathons!


December 2006

Over 120 people gathered in December 2006 for over 60 hours of non-stop tango music and dancing.

Fredis fotos

July 2007

Over 120 people gathered in July 2007 for over 60 hours of non-stop tango in Lomma.

Fredis fotos

December 2007

Lauras fotos from December 2007 in Löberöd

December 2008 & January 2009

We made two maratons with about 100 dancers in each one. There are some videos on youtube here, here, and here!

December 2009

Facebook took over and many photos can be found on facebook and videos on youtube.

December 2010

Put your photos on facebook and if you have something really nice we can put it here on the homepage too !

December 2011

You can find many nice photos in our Facebook group Tangokompaniet !

December 2012

Here you find nice pics from this years event!

December 2013

We have some really nice pics from last years maraton here and here!

December 2014

Mr Marcus Hast took great pics during last years event here!

January 2016

We changed from organizing in December and did it instead in January and you can see the memories here, here and here!