Malmö Tango Maraton Registration

The registration opens 20TH OF SEPTEMBER 2019, 12:00 CET!


The maraton is open for 150 dancers of all levels BUT we strongly recommend you to have done some miles. We know from our long experience as tango-maraton organizers that if you are very new in tango it can be a bit overwhelming… ; ) We believe that a good atmosphere arises from a mix of all kinds of people from near and afar and hope to see a long list of countries represented!



When we have received your registration, we will send an email if you have got a guaranteed place at the maraton, or not. Give us some time to go through it… : ) If you have got a guaranteed place and you by any chance cannot come, please tell us as soon as possible!

We hope to see a mix of locals and dancers from abroad to fill the dance floor during the weekend! We balance the number of leaders and followers and make a good mix of people.

Payment: see Prices!

If you have little money but still want to participate, you can help out during the maraton as payment. E-mail us!